We can come home anytime...


because K now has his visa to enter the US. We spent most of yesterday afternoon, well, really, all of the afternoon at the US embassy. We were just expecting to have our visa interview and then come back in a day or two to pick up the visa. But after a very cursory interview...really just enough to make sure J, K and myself were the same people on the paperwork and to sign a couple of forms...we were told we could come back in an hour to pick up the visa. (This was a completely different experience from last time. We had two interviews, the interview was slightly more interrogation-like, and we had to wait two days when the visa would probably be done. I'm really liking this pre-approval business.) Instead of going and coming again, we chose to wait in the little library in the embassy. (It has shelves and shelves of beautiful children's books which look virtually untouched. Who reads them?) Of course, in the world of bureaucracy "pick-up between 4 and 4:30" really means right before 5 when we close. After all this waiting, K and his friend Maya were completely overtired. They had a wonderful time running and chasing each other, but were staggering so badly by the end that collapse seemed imminent. (At least for K, Maya wasn't doing the drunk imitation so much.) But we have the visa and can bring K into the US, at which time he will automatically become an US citizen.

But we don't leave until Friday. We have a change fee on the airline tickets and I know from experience finding 6 free seats at short notice would be very difficult. As I still have large amounts of shopping to do, we'll just stick around until Friday. It is nice to have all of the official-stuff done.

We have been quite the slackers when it comes to adding pictures and videos to photobucket. So head over to the Wise's blog and see the cute video of Maya giving K a drink of water.


Anonymous said…
Hurrah for speedy visas!

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