New pictures in the Bucket

M and B have already been hugely helpful on this trip. They've helped schlep luggage and entertain TM... and they've become the official photographers. We've posted a few of M's pictures from this morning in our PhotoBucket album (see the list of links). More to come in future days.

We've had our first lunch of pho at Pho 24 restaurant, across from the Ben Thanh market. Earlier, we met up with the Wise family, with whom we'll be going to Bien Hoa, and took a walk to the Ben Thanh market.

E is now busily sorting gifts for tomorrow's trip to Bien Hoa and G&R ceremony.

Random traffic observations: We weren't really in Saigon last visit, so our comparisons may be flawed, but there seem to be many more scooter-riders wearing helmets now. And there seem to be more functional stop lights and cross walks with lights. Maybe we're just in an area with more tourists, and the crosswalk lights are an attempt to preserve the lives of these walking economic resources.


maxhelcal said…
Great pictures! TM looks so big! My he's grown. Glad to hear your trip went smoothly. It must be such a great feeling the second time around sorta knowing what you're doing. Can't wait to see pictures of you with K!!!

Mairs said…
Yay! This is so much fun seeing the pictures as you go! That cleft repair looks fantastic - Philip was also born with a cleft - just let me know if I can help you navigate his needs for that...

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Mary K
Anonymous said…
You're right about the helmets. A helmet law went into effect in Vietnam in late 2007.
-Gina (Holt bb)

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