Tuesday, May 20, 2008

new pictures and quick update


We've finally added some new pictures and video to our photobucket album. Use the link to the left to get there. We'd do more, but it just takes so darn long to go through the various cameras full of photos and then upload them....

Today we ate lunch in a bun cha restaurant that the Wises recommended. (We thought it was one we had visited before, but it wasn't.) This place is a typical Hanoi narrow storefront, but it goes up 4 stories, and we ate on the top level. The staircases to the upper levels are narrow and twisty and they get narrower and twistier as you go higher. The final staircase is more like a ladder. Getting to your table requires that you be fairly small and nimble, without much claustrophobia or fear of heights. E made it all the way up with K in the sling, and the rest of us were toting various parcels we'd purchased during the morning. I took K for the trip down.

The food was fabulous... grilled pork, rice noodles, broth and dipping sauce, huge plate of greens, another huge plate of spring rolls.... Fortunately, the small space and the small typical Vietnamese plastic tables and stools make it easy to grab food from across the table. But you have to watch out for getting a chopstick in the eye. There's no ordering, since they only serve one thing. You just pick whether you want Coke, water, or beer. The food arrives right away... and it is amazing to watch the various women carrying or handing enormous trays of food up and down the stairs.

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S. said...

Bun cha was not my fave--but apparently *the* place to get it is on Hang Manh off of Hang Gai--it is a tiny st. so you can't miss the restaurant.

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