Monday, May 12, 2008


My parents keep telling me to write a blog post, but never tell me what to write about! So this might be rambling and odd. Being in Vietnam has been (and still is) interesting. Traveling with K and TM definitely gets a lot of attention. When we are at a restaurant the waiters swoop down on K and hold him and feed him. It makes us all slightly nervous because sometimes they take him out of sight. How on earth would we be able to explain that we lost the baby because our server never gave him back?

Yesterday we went on a day long trip to Ha Long Bay. It was fun but definitely would be more fun to do a two or three day trip out there. We had a 3 hour bus ride there, and another 3 hours back, for a 4 hour boat ride. I'm sure my father will write in more detail about the trip. We also took a lot of pictures to put on photo bucket.

As I write, B and K are playing. K LOVES B because whenever B is eating, which is frequently, if K comes up and looks beggingly at B, B will give him food. Always a good way to form a bond between brothers. K also is a spoon fanatic. He likes nothing more than to be able to walk around with a spoon and bang on things. I have a feeling that the play kitchen at home will be just his dish.

We might be moving hotels soon. This one is really far away from everything, expensive, and we are all tired of taking taxis everywhere. The only up side for this one is the pool. TM loves it and B and I enjoy it as well. Although it would be more fun if A,P,and D were here as well. It is hard to play pool games with two people, since TM is not a good enough swimmer yet.

Well, I better go now and maybe I will write again another time.

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