from the back of the Vinamit Pineapple Chips...

"These products have also a good smelling and crunchy feature which gives a good taste and provide more nutritive facts, vitamins, mineral salt necessary to the organism and protecting from the extra glucoza."

(Gotta watch out for those dangerous glucoza!)

Additional note on the prefix "Vina-":
We've noticed a wide variety of businesses and products in Vietnam that have Vina- as part of the name... including Vinamilk, Vinataxi, Vinaphone, Vinamit, and others. At first, I wondered whether these were all subsidiaries of some huge and shadowy Vinacorp that owned everything. However, thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, it appears that "Vina-" is just a prefix that refers to Vietnam. I imagine this is like the prefix "Ameri-" that one can find in abundance throughout the US. (Just Google "Ameri" to see how many different products are sold under some variation of that prefix.)


LawMommy said…
Well, so that explains it. No nefaraious Vinacorp, then.

Lana loved Vinamilk and would have sucked it up by the gallon while we were in Vietnam. Curiously, she does not especially like milk in the US...maybe there's some extra glucoza in Vinamilk?

Anonymous said…
Just brought back 2 bags to Vinamit. It's not pinapple chips. It's jackfruit chips. Have fun in Hanoi. Hopefully, K will get his visa soon.

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