A quick update

On the adoption front...we are currently waiting for just ONE piece of paper. A date on a VN government generated document was incorrect and needs to be emended. It's essentially a typo. Once we have the emended document, we will be issued a Giving and Receiving date. (That's the adoption ceremony for those not in the adoption world.) But, we have been waiting for over two weeks for this paper. Once again, I am beginning to despair that our travel call will ever come.


StaceynCorey said…
Oh E., I've been looking for good news from you all week. I so hope it comes before Friday so you can celebrate (and pack) over the weekend. I too have been on pins and needles all week. Come on phone, ring!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh E., I can only imagine how I'd be feeling in your place... the number of delays and hurdles we had, I really did wonder if Zeeb would ever join our family. And now, in comparison, our wait doesn't look as bad as some others from that province -including yours. But I just know your time is coming - God willing, tomorrow!
I keep waiting to hear that SCREAM from IL!!!!
Praying it's SOON!
Anne said…
It WILL come!! God surely has something GREAT in store for this child. I believe the enemy must be doing everything in his power to prevent or delay that plan. It will be amazing to see it all unfold.
-Anne (Holt)

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