Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A month of cake and other thoughts

March and June are very cake-filled months around here. March has two birthdays (soon to be three) and sometimes Easter, while June leads with four birthdays, one anniversary and father's day. (Technically, June is a month of pies because J and B much prefer pie to cake.) A. turns 10 tomorrow and M. turns 15 next week. I can't believe these two girls are that old. It seems as though they were just born. I love watching them grow and seeing the caring and capable young women they are both becoming...but I sometimes miss the babies and little girls they once were. Sometimes I feel this so intensely it's like a form of homesickness. That's why I believe every child should be equipped with a "Go Back" button. Do you remember the Chrissy doll? I'm probably showing my age here, but, she was the doll whose hair could be pulled long by pushing a button in her stomach and then made short again by turning a dial in her back. I want something like that on my children. I could push a button and make them younger...sweet baby, funny toddler...but then when I was done I could turn a dial and make them their right age again. My young adults are so much fun (and helpful!) to have around, I wouldn't want to keep them little forever; just every now and then. It's one of the reasons I love having children of many different ages. I can enjoy having conversations with my young adults while still having the fun of the younger ages at the same time. I am secretly a little glad that K, though he turns 2 at the end of the month, is such a little guy. It will at least feel like holding a baby...for those 30 seconds before he wants to get down out of my arms to run around.

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maxhelcal said...

haha I remember Chrissy and her gorgeous red hair! There was a Baby Chrissy who wore size 9 month regular baby clothes. Then there was a Chrissy young girl doll who's hair did the same thing and she had a sister Velvet who had blonde hair. Now who's showing their age? :-)

I feel the same way as you do Elizabeth and I find myself sorta "hanging on" to Bronte.

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