Adoption is NOT the easier way to add to your family

I have hit the wall and am at low ebb. I'm beginning to feel as though the Dong Nai officials (if they are still alive) will never process our paperwork and we will be stuck in limbo for the rest of our lives. At least with pregnancy, even a very difficult pregnancy, it is over at the end of 40 weeks (or 42 weeks if you go long as I always do.) There is no pitocin for adoption. And even though I hate it and have vowed never to use it again, if it would bring this process to a close I would happily offer up a vein. I know that everything happens in God's timing and that He knows what is best. I cling to that intellectually, but emotionally I am a wreck. God and Dong Nai have been very silent recently.


Christina said…
Oh gosh do I remember that feeling... adopting is definitely not easier than pregnancy. And adopting from Dong Nai is in a class all its own. We actually came to a point where we discussed when do we give up? Thankfully we never had to make that big decision. And I don't think you will either... I don't know why they take so long, but they have always completed the process at some point and I have faith they will approve your son's case too... God willing it will be very soon. (and I know that won't be soon enough!)
Anonymous said…
Your husband just yelled at me (okay, maybe not yelled, but encouraged me to comment every once is while instead of just lurking. But just wanted to let you know that I'm reading and praying for y'all - that fires would be lit under governmental butts and such.
S. said…
I can't begin to imagine how you feel and I can't possibly imagine what motivation they have to not unite your son with his family. But Emily at has a great post today that might help you.
emily said…
Waiting stinks huh?? It is just hard. I feel your pain and it is good to know that God is sovereign, and His timing is perfect.

Pray you hear something soon! Have a great weekend.
Ann said…
I laugh at people who say it is easier to adopt than birth. Ha! The depth of emotional pain in waiting is so much worse than the physical pain of any pregnancy or labor.

I don't have any words for you as everything I can think of saying seems to ring hallow. Just know that we are praying for you here and for your sweet son in VN.

Blessings, Ann
StaceynCorey said…
This wait is so very hard and it does seem like it will never end, but it will and your son will be in your arms. I'm happy to see a Dong Nai family on our Holt board just got TA. It makes me feel like they're still alive out there even if they do move at a snail's pace. Know that we're all here for you and we all understand what you're going through. We'll be praying you hear good news soon.
LawMommy said…
I have nothing to offer except to say that I'm thinking of you. I cannot fathom what purpose is served by keeping your son out of your arms. I am sending good thoughts to you.


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