Please pray!

We still have no provincial approval. We are now at 9 months of waiting for something that by Vietnamese law is supposed to take two to four months. According to our agency, there is nothing wrong with our paperwork, just that the provincial officials don't see the need to move quickly. (Well, we're long past quickly, now we're just talking movement.) In the meantime a little boy heads quickly toward his second birthday, still living in an orphanage, still waiting to have surgery to correct his cleft palate. We are not the only family. I believe there are three other families whose files have gone past the average time for approval. Please pray with us that the officials will be moved to approve the files of these children. I believe that only divine intervention will cause these officials to act.


Christina said…
Oh that Province... so much I could say but I will hold my tongue and just say I am praying for God to move in hearts and minds and do a mighty work on behalf of the children who wait.
Christina said…
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Leslie & Shaune said…
i'm sorry to read this. i hope you hear good news very soon. prayers going up.
Jena said…
E I am praying the same way that I prayed when MBG was going through this- That God is in control and the He alone has the power to move and change hearts!
brian&wendi said…
You have had my prayers for months. While I completely understand your absence, I miss your wisdom on the Holt forum. Every time I log in, I am hopeful that there will be a message that this province has finally done the right thing.


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