He's not a baby anymore!

We just received our quarterly update on K. The lip repair looks pretty good and the report says he is eating and drinking better as a result. I knew he would look different after surgery, but the combination of surgery and a haircut makes him seem almost like a different child at first glance. He has learned to walk and evidently loves to play where there are a lot of children. That is a good thing, considering where he's coming home to.

I have to admit that each quarterly report becomes a little more difficult. There are huge milestones we are missing... parts of his past we can't ever back up and regain. It has been 9 months since we first saw K's picture. With TM, 9 months after we first saw his picture, we were in Vietnam meeting the real boy. Sometimes I can't even bear to think that we have at least 3 1/2 to 4 months before we can hold K. But, we are now at the point that we could realistically being to think that we will have the provincial approval we are waiting for. And when I think about that, instead of getting excited, I start to panic. I have done nothing, absolutely nothing (aside from buying one small outfit for K.) to prepare to travel. When that call comes I will have more to do than I care to think about.


Nicki said…
Oh my gosh, he is just so adorable and BIG!!! That must be so bittersweet. I love how you are living on the edge :-) You will have such an adrenaline rush when you get that call that you will get it all done with time to spare :-)
Carissa74 said…
That is one beautiful boy!
Christina said…
He really looks different from the last photos... but so very adorable - that pic just makes me want to pick him up! The waiting is hard and as nice as the updates are, it's bittersweet because they make you want your child home that much more. I hope our favorite province gets in gear and starts approving families in a more timely fashion - and that you can bring your K home SOON!!

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