Monday, August 20, 2007

We either need a schedule or...

that machine used by the Cat in the Hat when he cleans up the house at the end of the book. The beginning of summer is so wonderful. The schoolbooks are put away and huge amounts of free time stretch out before us. There is nowhere anyone has to be except for frequent trips to the beach. But I find it all becomes too much by the end of August. The free time that seemed so glorious in June is starting to feel a touch burdensome. Here in late August, the main occupation of Thing One and Thing Two, oops, I mean TM and D, seems to be creating messes. This is not to say that no messes were made in June, it's just that their scope has broadened. Neither want to actually play with something so much as just remove it from its container. To keep any sort of order I find myself following along behind them reminding them to put away what they got out. If I want to go and do other things, such as freeze the 25 pounds of blueberries we picked last weekend, I am greeted with chaos of unbelievable magnitude. Entropy has us in its grip and I'm afraid only a real, honest-to-goodness schedule will help us escape. That or the Cat's machine. If anyone knows where he got that, who knows what amount of money I might be willing to pay?


Christina said...

Hey that "Voom" is great stuff! ha, my own Thing 1 and Thing 2 are doing the same messing around here! Where is little cat Z when you need him? :)

LawMommy said...

If you find anyone who is selling that machine, you MUST email me with the store's name and location!! :-)


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