Monday, July 09, 2007

In for the Long Haul

Well, it seems I was correct in my estimation that we wouldn't travel until at least January. K.'s province is moving even slower than usual and the timelines have changed to expect at least 9 months between dossier submission to travel. We knew going into this that it wasn't going to be a fast process, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to start worrying about whether Tet would be an issue in travelling. On the positive side....warming-up in Vietnam while everyone else struggles to keep warm during typically brutal January weather sounds lovely....then there are the post-Christmas sales for gift buying....yeah, well, there's two items on the positive side.

We did find out that K. only had his lip repaired. But we also learned a new piece of information in that the doctor reported that his palate was not too bad, so he didn't want to repair it at the same time. I'll take this as good news; we had no idea about the extent of clefting in his palate.

In housekeeping (blog keeping?) news, I apologize for anyone's comments not showing up. It seems the moderate comments option had somehow become engaged and my techno-savvy self didn't realize it. I think I have fixed it, so feel free to comment. Really. Yes, you, the three people out there who read this.


Christina said...

Oy, I can't imagine that province getting slower!!! Maybe some officials are out of town or something? Hope you're in VN well before Tet!

DeeAnn said...

I know there are more than 3 people reading your blog! A friend sent a link to your blog not too long ago and I have been reading ever since. I have 6 children, 2 are adopted, so I am comforted reading that there is someone else struggling through and enjoying the everyday life with children. I am praying that your wait for K will go quickly for you. God has perfect timing!

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