Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on K

We have had some news about our newest son, K. The biggest piece of information is that he had surgery to correct his lip the second week of June. He was in the hospital for 5 days and is now back at the care center, eating and sleeping normally. A confusing aspect of the report is that is says his palate was also corrected. I suppose this is possible, but in all my research, I have only heard of the lip and palate being repaired separately. I am so glad that he came through the surgery without any problems. It means that we won't necessarily be looking at surgery immediately upon bringing him home. But, it also breaks my heart that we weren't there to hold him as he recovered.

The other part of the update states that he is now crawling (very fast...he will fit right in with the other boys in the house) and is beginning to pull to a stand. He likes attention and smiles when people talk to him. This was all two months ago, so who knows what he is doing now.

We are now at the 4 month mark of waiting for K. For TM's adoption, 4 months was the total time we waited after submitting paperwork...this adoption is looking to be twice as long. I'm beginning to wonder if planning on travelling in January might be a good idea...


maxhelcal said...

So glad to hear your little guy is doing well. Don't get down Elizabeth, I bet his paperwork gets through soon! Just think about how VERY HOT it is over there now too! ;-) (I know that really doesn't matter but hey, you can try to think about it that way.)


Nicki said...

Oh my gosh, 8 months to travel? That would KILLLLLLL me! Do you know why the longer wait? I'm so glad you are getting updated reports, that is so important. And awesome that he is developing so well and getting around! Yay!

Christina said...

I'm trying to imagine how I would feel, knowing about my child's surgery like this... I think like you it would be relief mixed with sadness that I couldn't be there. I get the sense that the hospital in that city is pretty good, as VN hospitals go, so that's a positive. (no way would I have wanted my daughter to have surgery in a Cambodian hospital!)
And he sounds like he is doing so well, developmentally speaking.

I know that long hard wait only too well. I would hope those provincial officials have gotten a little better at processing paperwork by now. For K's sake, as well as yours, I hope he comes home sooner than January.

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