She Came Back!

Last week B. and A. were at church camp. We all drove them up last Sunday, then had dinner and came home. We had spent a lot of time telling TM what was happening and how they both would come home in a week. How much he believed us is up for grabs. It was a fairly miserable week for those of us left at home. TM had not one, not two, but three great, big, noisy fits, one of which lasted for an hour and twenty minutes. I'm sure the whole thing felt a little too familiar... parents taking a child (or in this case children) to an unfamiliar place with a lot of other children and then just leaving. From TM's point of view, he had no experience that told him they would return. Well, we survived the week, more or less in one piece, and J. went up Saturday morning to bring them home. About lunch time they arrived home and A. was the first one in the door. TM happened to be standing across the room when she walked in and luckily I happened to catch the whole scene. TM sees A., bolts across the room toward her shouting, "A.! A.! My A.!" and launches himself into her arms. From the sound of the sheer joy in his voice, one would have thought she had come back from the dead....which maybe in TM's mind is exactly what happened.


Christina said…
Oh, that is so sad and sweet at the same time. It didn't even occur to me that Zeeb might be freaked when he sister and brother go off to camp this summer. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Hopefully now TM will be a little more reassured the next time one of them goes off for a bit.
Anonymous said…
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