Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank you, thank you very much

Thanks to Mrs. Broccoli Guy for awarding me a Thinking Blogger award. It's kind of cool to know someone other than my immediate family reads this blog.

As a result, I'm supposed to nominate five other blogs that make me think. The first is The Green Family. I admire the way Kim is able to act out her faith and she often says something that I find myself pondering over. Next comes Mommylife. Barbara writes about on a broad spectrum of topics and is always gracious and logical in her arguments. Thirdly, Amy at Amy's Humble Musings can always be counted on to be funny or thought provoking...or (often) both. My newest find is Jess at Making Home. She has many, many thought-provoking posts. Finally, I want to put in a plug for Mrs. Broccoli Guy's newest endeavor, Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity. It is brand-new, but there are already three very excellent posts touching on ethics in Vietnamese adoptions.


S. said...

I read Barabara Curtis' book Small Beginnings when M. was a baby. Then, last spring when the Montessori teacher didn't think L. would be ready to attend in fall of 06, I tracked down the book again and applied her suggestions over the summer. L. blew the teacher away in August and had a wonderful, productive year. The amazing thing was I had totally forgotten that she had children with Down syndrome. I have also enjoyed her blog.

S. said...

Oh, also wanted to thank you for the green family link--I hadn't been able to track them down since they changed their blog, and love following their story!

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