in which Tigger is unbounced

Among the stories about Winnie the Pooh is one where Rabbit becomes tired of Tigger always bouncing and plots ways to "unbounce" him. Long story short, when Tigger does stop bouncing, Rabbit misses it and realizes the bouncy Tigger is best. Well, we had the Curry version of this story last week. TM is very bouncy, in fact we often call him Tigger. Sometimes to the point when my own Rabbit-like tendencies would wish he were just a bit less on the bouncy side. (Side note: I have a personal theory that all personality types are represented by Winnie the Pooh characters. I am pretty sure I am Rabbit. Try it.) I have also discovered that a bouncy TM is the preferable model. Last week TM wasn't feeling well, but instead of getting better, he just became sicker and more lethargic, so I finally took him to the doctor. Pneumonia. But blessedly, not a bad enough case to have him put in the hospital. During that week, J and I realized how used to the bouncy TM we had become and how we did miss his, um, enthusiastic personality. It's just who he is and what we have come to love. TM started on a round of antibiotics and I'm happy to report that they have worked wonders. If only it was that simple for the rest of us by the end of the week. The flu that started TM's pneumonia attacked the rest of us. In nearly the 16 years that J and I have been married, we have never been sick (really sick) at the same time. Our record is over. I don't recommend it. Every house needs at least one functioning adult. Our saving grace was B. He had made a full recovery before J and I succumbed, so there was at least someone who could throw food together for those family members who thought eating sounded interesting.

I'm glad to say that we have had several nights of uninterrupted sleep and that I feel safe enough to put the buckets away. I hope for a long, long time.


LawMommy said…
I hope I am not actually Eeyore!!

Glad you are feeling better,

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