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As has been mentioned before, nearly our entire family is involved in our homeschool theater group's production of Oliver! With the performances less than two weeks away, it seems as if all of our attention and energy has been consumed by it. And while finding props, making costumes, locating appropriate footwear, and hounding friends to be in the audience is time-consuming , the thing that makes us realize that our lives have been overtaken, is the continual soundtrack running through each family member's brain. With eight people living together, you can be sure that at any given moment at least one person will be humming/whistling/singing a selection.

(This is sometimes cute, in a slightly embarrasing sort of way...such as when both TM and D spent our entire time in the grocery store singing a medley at the top of their lungs. I worry only a little bit what people think when they hear my obviously adopted son singing about how "all he ever gets is gruel". Since TM could sing nearly all of the songs from Oliver! before he could really speak English, there are some funny pronounciations and I'm hoping that no one can understand him.)

For the most part we tune each other out, unless it was at a moment when there was a blessed moment of quiet inside your head, and the music-making of the other person starts it up all over again. It doesn't even have to be an overt reference to a song. Often all it takes is a word brought up in normal conversation to start the soundtrack going again. For example, I ask a child where her shoes are, and the child replies it they are on the stair [case without any bannister, which we'll throw him down...]s in the front hall. I request she put them on since we have to go to the grocery store to buy [the wonderful morning, such a sky you never did see...]some food [glorious food, hot sausage and mustard, three banquets...]. While the child is putting on her shoes, I remind a smaller brother that he shouldn't be jumping on the furniture [there isn't alot to share, who cares, whatever we've got we share...]. I leave with the child who has her shoes on, telling the oldest daughter that we will be back soon [you can go, but be back soon, you can go but while...]. The child with me asks which store we are going to and I tell her where [is love, does it fall from skies above...] the store is. This continues in my head during the entire day....it's no wonder that I can never seem to remember things...all my available memory is being taken up with the Oliver! soundtrack.

I realize that the above example works best if you know the songs and the music. What better chance to become familiar with them than to come and see Thin Ice Theater's production of Oliver! If you're in the Chicago area and you want to come see it, email me and I'll send information.

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Joanne said…
What a wonderful way for your family to be together. What a brilliant way for your son to bond - with music! Break many legs!!

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