Thursday, January 25, 2007

If We Could Bottle Him, We'd Make a Fortune!


Our youngest, D, continues to be in the running for the most charming child in the world contest. D loves everyone and everyone (so far) loves him. He is usually happy and has quite a gift for making a person feel comfortable, loved, and appreciated. (Not bad for a three year old.) And he can always make me smile. This morning as I was finishing getting dressed, he announced to me, "Oh, are you going to wear a necklace, Mommy? You will look so pretty!" He will often compliment me on my clothing choices, "That is a pretty outfit, Mommy." But the classic statement from D, which is the favorite of the whole family, is when he walks up to a family member and announces (D always announces, never just says) "I like you!" How can you not love that?

A side benefit, apart from just getting to live with this little, cheery person, is that he is starting to rub off on TM. TM will happily re-announce whatever pronouncement his brother has made and recently has been making them on his own. The pair of them together, when they are spreading sunshine, is pretty adorable...and I don't think it's because I'm a little bit biased.


maxhelcal said...

Oh my goodness Elizabeth! My Nolan is EXACTLY the same way as your "D". I could just eat him up! He has a bit of a speech problem so he's hard fro everyone to understand but he is so utterly sweet and lovable and happy and announcing everything too!!!! When Steve comes home from work he's screaming Hi Dad! Daddy's home YAY!" Love my boy!

thecurryseven said...

Then they're exactly the same, Michelle. D has some weird consonant substitutions, so others can't always understand him. One day I overheard a conversation between D and TM (TM had been home about 4 1/2 months) and TM was correcting D's pronounciation. The funny thing, the child who had spoken English for 4 months was correct!

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