Chapter 6: Counting Down again

So much about this adoption process seems to involve counting down toward some new deadline or phase in the process. Most recently, we were counting down until we left for Vietnam... then counting down until our first meeting with Thanh Minh... and now we are in the final countdown to the moment when he becomes (officially) our son. In about an hour or so, we will go to the Child Welfare Center for Minh's going away party with the caregivers and the other children. And then, at 2pm, we have the Giving and Receiving Ceremony, after which he is ours.

And so we're entering yet another phase. I guess our next countdown will be looking toward the trip from Danang to Hanoi... followed by the countdown until we fly home.

Note on Potty Children:
No, they are not strapped onto their potty buckets. Their little bottoms just sit down in the chamber pots with their kness hanging over the edge so that their feet reach the ground.

And we should mention that, while the potty children are comical, all of the children at the CWC seem very well cared for. They are clean, well-fed, and they seem to all get along with each other. But they need families to love them. Holt in Vietnam places a high priority on reuniting birth families whenever possible, and placing infants in domestic adoption whenever possible, but these older children and the ones with special needs are not likely to be that lucky. They are so loving and lovable that it's very hard not to be able to take them all home. There must be other families out there who could love these children as they yearn to be loved.


Aunt Ginny said…
I just read the last several entries, and I'm now excited to see the next. I'm sure there will be challenges, some of which you'll know how to handle and some of which Minh will win, for awhile! He sounds distinctly bright and thus should fit in with the whole group at home.
How do we access the "photobucket?"

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