Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There is never a straight line in international adoption


Monday we received a phone call from our adoption agency, with some news to share about the adoption, but not the news we wanted to hear. Instead of telling us we have been approved for travel, we were told there is a glitch in the paperwork. There is the possibility that we will have to submit a piece of the paperwork in person, instead of Holt Vietnam submitting it for us. This will add to the length of our trip and one more piece of uncertainty to the whole process. We will know more on Friday.

I have to keep remembering that God is orchestrating the whole adoption and I must let Him work out the details. He is in control of the process, which is good, because we certainly have no control at all. I firmly believe that it was the nudging of God that caused us to start the process even though Vietnam had yet to reopen to US citizens adopting. It was God who chose TM for us and gave us his referral a month after J’s mom passed away. (As well as meaning “bright”, Thanh Minh is also the name a holiday set aside to honor one’s relatives who are no longer living.) God has brought us this far and he will help us to bring TM home.
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