Friday, June 30, 2006

Chapter 3 addendum re pictures

We are having a heck of a time trying to post pictures to this blog (as well as emailing them) due to extremely slow download times, but we have been able to get some pictures downloaded to photobucket. Therefore, we have made our photobucket album available without password. Go there and see us and Minh (photos at top of album are most recent).

(We also cannot view our blog pages currently, though we can add to and edit them... so we're just trusting that these entries get out there.)


Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing that you are sharing your journey with us! As our family excitedly anticipates our referral, this journal only fills us with more excited anticipation. Thank you for sharing the good and the tiring for all of it's worth. Our family is with Holt as well so it is nice to hear them mentioned.
Blessings to you and little Minh, he sounds like he's all boy! April

Gerrie said...

Those pictures are precious. Bet you can't wait til you can get him in your arms for good.
Looks like he is feeling comfortable around you.
Still praying for a smooth transition.

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