Chapter 2: A Brief Interlude


Narita Airport outside Tokyo is full of very helpful uniformed people. At every staircase and turn, there was another smiling young man or woman in uniform who seemed to know already where we wanted to go. -- Or perhaps they were hallucinations brought on by 14 hours of flight from Chicago to Tokyo.

In any case, we're now in Tokyo... waiting to board a plane to HCMC. After that, it's just a short flight Friday morning to Danang.

(Pause here to insert a hearty plug for Ann Tours in Vietnam, based in HCMC, and especially for Tony. At the eleventh hour and with only a few emails, he arranged a hotel for us in HCMC for Thursday night, and got us on an earlier flight from HCMC to Danang. And there will be someone to meet us at the HCMC airport when we arrive. If you will be travelling in VN, give Ann Tours your business.)

It was hard to sleep on the plane to Tokyo, but even harder when I'd close my eyes and imagine our first meeting with TM... and how that might go. I found myself trying to imagine what it will be like to meet this little person. How will he react to us? How will we persuade him that he is already part of our family? How will we all be during his first days and nights with us? How will we manage that long flight home? -- An airplane is not a restful place, and even more so with these thoughts racing through my head.

I'm afraid that we are both so tired that it's hard to be entirely rational. Having the chance to sleep for a night (even a short night) in HCMC will be good.


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