IKEA aftermath

This is what it looks like after a trip to IKEA because nearly everything to be purchased there needs to be assembled:

This is A., P., and TM working on putting together the white boxes which are going to slide into the large bookcase in their room.  Instead of trying to disassemble the huge bookcase and purchase yet more dressers, we decided to use the bookcase as a dresser.  For this to work, there really needed a way to contain everything to stop if from falling and out looking very messy.  These boxes fit into each cubby and we'll keep the lids underneath because it would become tiresome to lift the lid every time something was wanted.  I'm hopeful this will work.

I'm trying to get that room looking somewhat put together so I can take a picture of it.  I'm making the welcome book to send to H. this weekend and would like her to have a decent idea of what her room is going to look like.  We are probably at least a month away from Shepherd's Field being able to tell H. she has a family, but it takes at least three weeks to ship a package and I want it to be there and ready the second she can be told.

As well as the photo book telling her about us, I also found a very cute labrador stuffed dog at IKEA which is very soft that will be included.  What else should I put in?  She likes to draw, I was thinking a set of new crayons and paper.  Any other ideas?  What have any of you sent if you sent a welcome package to an older child.

I cannot wait until this dear little girl can finally know she has a family.  Forever.
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PDaddy said…
A t-shirt from your city...or that other big one close by :-). We made a blanket for B, with one side of fleece, and one a cotton map panel (ask Mrs. H-S where she found it). You could embroider a heart for where you live, and one for where she lives.

Ann said…
A t-shirt with a picture of your family on it. Also, send a food she can share (we sent a bag of dried squid (cuddlefish) and lollipops). This gives the child the chance to be the "sharing hero" and is also nice for the other kids to be given something. So excited you are getting so close!

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