You know you're a grown-up when...

getting a new appliance feels kind of like Christmas. Let me introduce my new freezer.

It's the one on the left. Our second refrigerator, which is standard sized, is on the right, looking more shabby than usual.

I'm thrilled because it doesn't stick out as far as I had feared it would. (There is a PVC pipe behind it that goes to the well, so it couldn't be put flush against the wall.)

It's very fancy, and even has an LED read out on the door, and alarms if the door is left open or if the temperature inside gets too high.

Look how nice and shiny! 

It's much bigger than our last one, and much bigger than I was anticipating. It very nearly didn't make it through the utility room door. I'm glad that such an occurrence never popped into my head as something I should worry about. Not bad for ordering a freezer over the phone without having actually seen it in person, huh?

(And to the list of appliances on the fritz, we can add the dryer. It doesn't seem to want to produce heat to dry the clothes. Ahhhh!!!)


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