Friday bullets, Oct. 5, 2018

I don't know about you, but I'm never quite sure what season I'm in these days. One day it's 85 degrees, the next struggles to make it to 60. How on earth is one supposed to get dressed in the morning? But, we've still made it to Friday.

  • My mother arrived today for a brief visit. We will be having a fall break from school in honor of the occasion.
  • J. managed to get both the dishwasher and dryer installed last night. And they both work!! The dishwasher is significantly quieter than our previous one, and by all report, the dryer works equally well. I wouldn't know, since as soon as people were able to do laundry again, all my older children budged in line to get theirs done, and I still haven't tackled my pile.
  • TM and D. have been playing duets on their instruments together (combinations of piano, violin, and cello). I enjoy listening to them as they figure out how to play together. They have moments of sounding really quite good.
  • We made math monsters earlier this week, as a fun multiplication activity. Essentially, everyone created construction paper monster faces, and the googly eyes were used to create multiplication sentences.

K. found it particularly exciting, and he made quite a few. These are all his work. You can see down by Dr. M. Ath, that next to each monster, we wrote out the math sentences that the monster represents. 

  • Our culvert is completely redone. They dug up the drive, relaid the pipe that goes under it, and then put down new gravel on top. This is fantastic, especially considering how much rain we are currently getting as I write this. The down side is that when they carted away the piles of mud, it now looks vaguely like a construction site where it was. It is not terribly scenic. J. and I think we should go look for some willow trees to plant along the stream while it is not-scenic. We also had to put up some snow fencing. This was not because we are concerned with drifting snow, but because without the huge piles of mud or the overgrown plants, the ducks now have easy access to our road, where people tend to drive very fast. We are hoping this way we can keep the ducks out of the road.
  • P. registered to vote this week. 
  • I am now officially a volunteer with Horse Power, having done all the shadowing and orientations that I needed to do. I really, really love it.
  • I tried to show the masses a Bollywood film today because we are currently in India. It was a huge bust. First, I discovered I chose a film that was subtitled and not dubbed. Normally, this is what I prefer when watching foreign language films, but my younger people couldn't read quite fast enough to get what was going on. (It is kind of a learned skill to read subtitles and watch the movie all at the same time.) And then, our internet started having difficulty, so they couldn't watch it at all. I kind of love Bollywood films, and really want them to see one, so will have to revisit this particular activity.
  • Finally (and I've barely been able to contain myself up until now), dreams do come true... even if it takes 40+ years for it to happen. Meet Fire Flora ("Emmy")

She is an older, 15 hand, purebred Arabian mare, who will be moving to Bittersweet Farm the absolute second that the barn and fencing is done.


Molly said…
Yay! Congrats on the horse. Looks just like my first horse from 25 years ago! She looks like a sweetie!
Donna said…
Wow! Congratulations on the new addition!!

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