Luddite dreams

(I realized after I wrote this, that today is the 4th of July, and this is not even a vaguely related post. Sorry.)

I have a very short fuse when it comes to things, particularly electrical or technological or mechanical things, not working right. My theory is that I expend so much of my limited patience on the people in my life, that there just isn't a lot left over for the non-sentient things. I expect them to work when I want them to work, and have no tolerance for when they don't. (See But how will I practice my mad kick boxing skills, for reference.) I also don't like to rely on them too much, for the same reasons. We are not a family awash in the latest tech gadgets, much to some of my children's dismay.

You need to know this backstory to understand why I came very close to ditching my smart phone yesterday in order to go back to my flip phone. (And since it is still updating as I write this, to my mind, the jury is still out as to whether that actually becomes a reality or not.) It's an Android phone, and there was a system update. My tech-savvy children have been clear that I should update things when they become available, even though my tendency is to want to ignore the requests. So I hit the update button. And then my phone crashed. It seems there was a problem with the update and our particular type of phone.

It seems the only solution was to go back to the original factory settings. It has taken all afternoon, due to our less than spectacular access to internet here, and also caused some significantly wasted time, due to people not being able to get a hold of my. My teeth hurt from grinding them. At this very moment, I'm just not sure the technology is worth it. I did not throw the phone across the room. Be impressed. (It was probably only because I'm as cheap as I am frustrated at the moment, and couldn't justify breaking something that cost so much money. Well, breaking it more.) You can probably tell, I'm still not quite recovered from it all. What I despise most is finding I am dependent on something I don't want to be dependent on.

But, really, this post would probably have been sufficient if I had just said... if I know you in real life, and at one point I had your phone number, I do not any longer. Please send me a text along with your name, so I can begin to piece together the shambles of my contacts.

Paper. Paper and pen. This worked so well for me for so long, and no system degrade would wipe it out. Grrrr....


Donna said…
yup. And somewhere where you cannot get tech help just compounds it. That feeling of wanting to throw it across the room is just tooooo familiar. My children replaced the phone causing me so much frustration, but that process also came with losing all my chat history and contact info. When did I get too old for this???

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