Friday bullets, June 8, 2018

It is now June, our month of family craziness. Why? Because we have six family birthdays and one anniversary as well as TM going on a mission trip to Mexico and K., Y., G., and L. going to church camp for a week. Plus, there is a P. Family wedding and the H-S Family is in town. I'm tired just writing it all out! So, what else has been going on?

  • Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated by not doing laundry or dishes or writing, and spending the most of afternoon reading. TM took me out to lunch, and we all went out for stuffed pizza for dinner. A good day.
  • About that pizza. There always seems to be a little confusion about stuffed pizza. Stuffed is different from deep dish. Stuffed pizza has a double crust, with cheese on the inside and tomato sauce on the top crust. I make a pretty decent version, but it's always nice to have someone else do the cooking.
  • You know how people are always trying to keep their ducks in a row, as if that is the epitome of being organized and on top of things? Well, let me tell you, everyone needs to aim a little higher. From living with ducks for a few months, I can tell you that there is no effort required to keep ducks in a row. It's just what they do. It's actually about the only way they move. What is far more difficult is to keep your row of ducks moving in the correct direction.
  • We actually found a day when all 14 of us can be here to celebrate all those birthdays.
  • The reading continues, with most of the people about half way to their first chance at a prize. 
  • Related to the reading game, K. came to me yesterday holding a book, and asked if I thought he would like it. (I love that question!) The book was Ribsy by Beverly Cleary, so I was able to assure him that he would love it.
  • D. is continuing to work through Jane Eyre. I've been pushing him to read it, because I know he'll love the Thursday Next books, and you really need to have read Jane Eyre to get the full benefit from them.
  • TM leaves bright and early Saturday morning to go to Mexico on a youth group mission trip. He's pretty excited.
  • P. is getting ready to order her uniforms for Class Afloat. Pretty much, except for a few things, everything they will wear will be part of the uniform. It's quite a few clothes she has to buy, but she has saved enough money to buy it all herself.
  • I have a new article published. Feel free to click and share a lot. My checkbook thanks you. Why We Chose International Adoption
And that's about it. It's been a quiet week. Enjoy your weekend!


Maria said…
Happy birthday!

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