Back from the sun

I'm back after my long weekend in Arizona. With the Chicago area's forecast for snow today, I did wonder if I would get in, but my plane was an early morning flight, so I made it with time to spare before the first snowflakes fell.

It was a lovely weekend. I visited with my mom, judged many young pianists, and had three dinners with three different groups of friends. My mom and I also spent part of Sunday just walking around and enjoying the Phoenix Zoo. It's a gorgeous zoo, particularly this time of year, and it was great to just sit and enjoy it.

I'm now unpacked, and ready to start back into our regular schedule tomorrow. I think.

Phoenix Zoo:

Scenes from the piano festival:

My mom's dogs. The bulldog is the newest addition and is 8 months old... the same age as Olive.

Orchid tree in my mom's backyard. I spent quite a bit of time out here. A good weekend is one where I can read and finish a 450 page book.


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