Happy New Year!

We had a very low key New Year's celebration last night. We played some games, some people watched a movie, we made root beer floats, and several people faded and went to bed well before midnight. I was awake at midnight, but was in bed, reading a book. A pretty ideal way to ring in the New Year, if you ask me, when my first choice of celebrating with friends doesn't work.

Today, I got a lot of pesky jobs done, plus made a dress for L. J. took many people to see Star Wars, while I stayed home with H. (who was not feeling well) and R. (who was too young for the movie.) You now understand how I managed to get a dress made.

One of our New Year's activities was to do something about the dog and cat situation, specifically, how to keep the big dogs out of the cats' food and litter. (Just eewww!) J.'s solution was to make a cat door into the utility room where these things are stored. Now the dogs cannot get in, the cats can, and it gives the cats some place to get away from Olive when she is being overly enthusiastic about playing. It's working well. The cats seem to enjoy jumping through the door, and Olive cannot get through. That's not to say she doesn't try.

We are back to real life tomorrow... it may be a shock to everyone. Happy 2018 all!


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