Tamales 2017

Yesterday was tamale day. Well, it was actually tamale day #2, but my sister-in-law and I put them together. (I promise, this is the last post about tamales, at least for a year.) My new tamale steamer was a huge success, though I had to get out my canner as well because we made a few bit more than I thought we would. Quite a few more it turns out. I had thought we might get ~120 and fill up my new steamer. We actually ended up with 263 tamales. D. and I ended up finishing putting together the last few at the end of the afternoon. Satisfyingly, we managed to make the masa and the fillings come out even.

After I had saved enough to give to my sister-in-law (who had to go home before they were all cooked), and after every person had eaten as much as they possibly could for dinner, I still filled a huge container for eating throughout the week for lunch as well as two a half gallon freezer bags which are now in the freezer.

I love tamales. I love getting to visit with family and friends while they are being made. I love being able to offer my family something they enjoy and that I don't have to limit how many they can have. And I love that it is only once a year.


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