Let's have some more pictures

It's turned into a kind of whirlwind weekend, what with Thanksgiving, children home, open houses, friends over. It's all a lot of fun, but does involve some significant time in the kitchen and not a lot of time at the computer.

First we have A. and Olive. A. likes to sit on this stool in the kitchen. Olive likes to sit on A.'s lap when she is sitting on this stool in the kitchen. This picture is unusual that Olive's back legs are on the ground. Usually, she is completely on top of Alice.

This is A. and Olive taking selfies together. Notice Olive's lovely plaid coat. She shivers otherwise when it is very cold outside.

Moving on to another animal in the house, I bring you Nefertiti, the harvest cat. (I really wish I could take credit for the name, but that honor goes to M.)

Nefertiti is a little obsessed with the seasonal table decorations, and has decided that she must be a part of it.

Here she is playing her part of the table centerpiece.

It's hard work.

The weather was unusually warm for this time of year yesterday, so J. took advantage of it to get some house lights up. I think it will probably take us a couple of years to figure out exactly what works and what we want to do, but this is a start.

L. (and the lights really are white, they just showed up yellow.)

This is the back of the house, we also have lights along the edge of the front porch on the other side.

With M. here for a few days, L. has taken advantage to get some crafting help. They made a mask together yesterday.


Today is a bon fire and open house for neighbors, some of J.'s co-workers, and some new friends. That means I am making gingerbread and apple cider donut holes this morning in preparation.


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