The beginning of the good-byes

This is the part of moving that I do not relish, not that packing is much fun, either. On Sunday afternoon, a friend threw an enormous good-bye party for us. It was fun, though J. and I still feel as though it warrants a move of continents instead of the other side of the Chicago area. We decided that we were a good excuse to have a big party where lots of people could see old friends and have fun. And it was fun. It was great to visit (if briefly) with people whom we don't get to see a lot of. 

We were also blessed with some lovely gifts. A friend made this lovely platter. If you can't read the words which surround it, it says, "If you can't fee one hundred people, feed just one --- Mother Theresa." 

Other friends brought us back a scroll from their last trip to China. This is 1 Corinthians 13.

And finally, the children's ministry director gave us this. Yes, it's a shepherd's crook. Here's the story. J.'s mother is the one who started the Christmas pageant at our church when J. was a child. Every year she wrote a new introductory story which was then followed by the actual Christmas story. Yes, shepherds, and their staffs, were a part of it. When she died, J. took over her role as director. This staff (which could very well have been made by J's father), was given to us in recognition of the years of Christmas pageant service, plus the number of children we have both shepherded over the years. (Her words, not mine.) She then had as many people as possible sign the staff. It will definitely remind us of all the wonderful friends we have here.

All three of these gifts are so meaningful, and I look forward to seeing them in our new home. Thank you. If only we could move all of you with us....
In tangentially related packing news...

I am not taking a significant portion of my homeschooling resources, books, and games. Instead of them just ending up where ever, it seems best to offer them to the people who can use them most. If you are a homeschooler in the area, I am having a give-away day. On Tuesday, June 13, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm, come on over and shop my little free pop-up homeschooling resources store. Contact me if you need the address, and tell other homeschoolers. I'd love for all this stuff to get used. Everything is free, though there will be a donation jar for anyone who feels so inclined. The proceeds will go to my good friend who works with aged-out orphans in China.


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