Friday Bullets, June 9, 2017

I needed to sit down for a few moments, so I thought I would write a blog post.

  • Last Saturday, J. took TM to the Enrique Iglesias concert. TM loved and, and J. ended up enjoying it, saying it was a good show. J., however, turns out not to be a fan of Pit Bull. I'm sure there is no big surprise there.
  • Poor Q. has really outgrown her box. I finally ordered her a bigger home in the form of a large rabbit hutch. It comes in a few days. Until then, she is just going to have to be cramped. We discovered she really loves crunchy lettuce and celery, so we've been giving her that to make up for it.
  • People keep asking me what we are going to do for the week we are having the floors redone, since we cannot really be in the house while they are working. I am actually greatly looking forward to that week. I won't be able to do a thing, so my plan is to sit on the lounge chair (which we will take ourselves so that it doesn't end up in storage), and read some books (which I haven't had much time to do) while the children play. Sounds idyllic, huh? We'll see how it works out in real life.
  • If anyone who reads this blog actually lives in the far western suburbs (or knows someone who does), I will be looking for new piano students and would be able to begin teaching again once my piano returns at the beginning of July. I've even ordered new business cards. Please pass the word along.
  • Hold onto to your seats. I think this move is finally going to push me over the edge into getting a smart phone. (Yes, I fully expect the world to stop spinning at any moment.) My children and friends will be thrilled that I have joined them in the current century.
  • Part of the reason is that my new, non-smart phone is designed in such a way that it seems to be punishing me for my lack of technological desire. I handed it to TM one day in the car and asked him to reply to a message that just arrived. Even he could not figure out how to make it work! It's not just me. It's just a fantastically rotten phone.
  • Inspired by our reading of Swallow and Amazons, D. has decided to sign up for small craft sailing at Boy Scout camp in a few weeks. Sounds fun, huh?
  • My older children are perpetually showing me pictures of puppies which are available for new homes. Can you imagine having a puppy in all this craziness? It would push me over the edge. They seem to think it would just be fun. 
  • Kenzie and the cats seem to be increasingly nervous as the boxing up continues. Poor things, I wish I could explain in a way they could understand that they all are coming with us.
  • My children have watched for more movies in the past week than they usually do. I dug out our little VCR player and they have been working their way through our stack of VHS tapes while they have the chance. (They tapes are not coming with us.) It does make for easier packing.
  • L. also continues to be filled with imaginative ideas which the others are happy to join in on. Recently L. has been playing bank. I'm not entirely sure what is involved in playing bank, except that it seems to require boxes and many pieces of paper. At one point, L. comes to me and asks what time it is "because my bank does not have a clock." I asked how she knew when the bank opened and closed. I was informed it opens when the sun comes up and closes when then sun goes down. In the summer, this hardly counts as banker's hours.
  • K. continues to spend nearly every waking moment building with Lego. One of the movies they have watched is the first Star Wars movie (that would be the first in the story, but the fourth made, as opposed to the first made, but the fourth in the story.) He has now recreated the pod races in Lego and I thought they were pretty amazing. Of course, they were then dismantled before I could get a picture of them. He is currently working on building the Millennium Falcon, and is finding it a bit more frustrating.
  • Remember I'm giving away bunches of homeschooling materials on Tuesday afternoon. Pass along the message to anyone who might be interested, and email me for my address.
  • And finally, I have a game for all of you. Yesterday I mentioned I might have packed 100 boxes already. Out of curiosity, I went around and actually counted today. Wow, did I woefully underestimate. So, who can guess what the actually tally currently is? We are moving 12 people who lived in a 6500 sf house. We have quite a few books, and I also have a little sewing habit as well as an evident china addiction. I have no idea what I will send the winner, but I'm sure I can dig something up. Guess away. (And the answer will be based as of this moment, not some ever growing number as I continue with the packing.)


Carla said…
Boxes to move 12 people? Hmmm. We moved 3 (and my husband is a saver of stuff) and we had over 100 all told, so even though you're not finished, my guess will be that you are at 237. Just a guess... am looking forward to hearing the total.

Praying for your sanity in these next few weeks.
Carmen Brantley said…
Currently at 200 boxes?! :)

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