Friday bullets, April 21, 2017

Another week done, and I haven't packed a single box during that time. I suppose I really need to start thinking about that. I'm in denial. Though we haven't been packing, other things have gone on.

  • We had the first brisket last night, and it was fabulous, if I do say so myself. The caramelized sweet onions that cooked underneath the brisket made a really terrific sauce.
  • For teatime, we have started reading the Swallows and Amazons series. I know I write about these books fairly frequently, but they really are just that good. So good that D. and TM, who have heard them already, are excited about hearing them again. The younger group has heard about them a lot, and are excited to finally get to listen to them themselves.
  • The move is unsettling a lot of people, in different ways. It is particularly affecting those children who have a history of loosing everything important to them. They know what that feels like and are afraid this move will feel like that all over again. This is understandable, but is hard to navigate. 
  • I just love it when a child is ready for the next level of math book (which I don't own) two months before the homeschool conference. There is that brief moment of pondering whether giving the child a two month math break is better than paying shipping. Don't worry, I'm ordering the books today, if only to save my sanity from being badgered by said child. Yes, he likes math.
  • There is nothing like finding the best place to buy homemade samosas just blocks from one's house, weeks before one is to move. We had some yesterday. They were good and spicy... a little too spicy for some of my crew, but those of us who enjoy sinus-clearing heat enjoyed them. We'll just have to get them fairly frequently before the move to make up for both lost time and lack in the future.
  • The weather is generally warmer and sunnier and it is wonderful. I feel my annual need to do some gardening coming on. The trouble is, we can't really put in a garden just yet and need to wait to move. I hope my gardening itch lasts until we move. 
  • Yes, everything in life feels as though it is centered around the move. That's a lot of brain real estate that is being taken up in my head. 
  • The quail eggs are currently on lock-down. This means that I have added extra water to the Chick-bator to raise the humidity, I stop turning them, and we keep the cover on. Pretty much we just sit and watch from this point out. They are due to start hatching anywhere from the 23rd to the 25th. Some of the eggs feel much heavier than the others... perhaps about four? I'm hopeful this means that there is an actual chick inside waiting to come out. If you start to think about it too hard, the whole thing is just bizarre.
  • Because we might actually end up with a live chick or two or four, I'm sending J. to the feed store near his work today to pick-up supplies. Does it surprise you that pet stores near us don't carry game bird feed or brooder supplies? (I did go and ask.)
  • Once again, my need to be prepared is in conflict with my innate cheapness. I don't want to buy supplies if we don't actually end up with chicks, but also don't want to be scrambling when confronted with an actual live chick. I suppose this means we will have to do this again, just to use up the supplies we have.
  • Finally, for those of you who are local friends, block out the late afternoon and evening of June 4 on your calendars. Another friend has graciously asked to host a going away party and this is the date that we've set. I'll get more details to you later. But don't plan anything on that date!!


Donna said…
waaaaaah! June 4th is graduation. The one and only thing we actually HAVE to do! And also the reason I will be in the US at all.

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