A girl can dream

I'm not at my most productive currently. Unless spurred on by a deadline, I do a lot of time wasting activities. It is just so hard to focus! Instead, I find myself daydreaming to an extraordinary extent. I'm always a little prone to daydreaming, but this seems worse than usual. My daydreams tend to look like this....

Part 1... We get a really good offer on the house before we have gone through the pain and effort of making the house look as though 12 people don't live here. Sometimes this particular step gets a boost and we have a bidding war. (Hey, it's a daydream.)

Part 2... Having received and accepted the fantastic offer on the house, we can then start looking at new houses. With little effort, we find the perfect house. It's basically in great shape, it's on a good size parcel of land which is picturesque. And it has an already constructed barn, riding arena, and fencing. The cherry on top? It's at a price we can afford. The closings manage to work out somehow so that we are not homeless in between. Oh, and if there are not enough bedrooms, the total cost is such that we are free to add on the needed bedrooms and still stay within budget.

Part 3... Eventually, down the road apiece, once we have settled in and found our footing and all that. We are able to turn that lovely barn and riding arena into some sort of equine therapy facility, thus combining nearly all of my interests into one huge endeavor.

Part 4... There is enough land, and we have become financially stable enough, to build a small guest house where we can offer respite accommodations for mothers of struggling children, so that they can have a break and rest in order to do their very important job.

Sounds terrific, huh? I'm afraid that reality will come as rather a shock after inhabiting my daydreams for extended periods of time.


Stephen Riggins said…
I can't wait to move your first horses for you.
Jennifer F. said…
Lol. I have been sitting at my kitchen table (instead of doing the 100 things I need to do before sunset) dreaming that - We spend the summer in France. DH agrees that there's no good reason to go back to England in September. We sell the house in London for a killing and buy a big house in the countryside. The house in France has so much extra space that I can open a cooperative school for kids with special needs...

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