Saturday, December 17, 2016

Warrior turkey helmet cat

As you might have figured out, my children seem to have a thing for bones and dissection and the messier aspects of biology. After Thanksgiving, as I was picking the meat off the turkey bones for soup, L. became enthralled with the turkey breast bone and begged to be able to keep it. This is why we have had a turkey breast bone kicking around the kitchen for nearly a month. I think it looks a bit like a dinosaur skull and other people think it looks a bit like some stone age helmet.

Now, not only do my children like bones, they also really like to put things on other creature's heads. When you combine these things together with a willing cat, you get this.

Kenzie was very interested. You could see him thinking, "Hmmm... turkey bone... turkey bone on a cat.... a turkey bone I can chase... hmmm..." Midnight lost interest in being the turkey helmet model before Kenzie could decide to chase him for his head wear.

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