Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Life, the real version

You want to hear about my day? Well, first, admittedly, we got up a little later than we should. The month of December is little bit more relaxed around here because the craziness of the month does not lend itself to heavy academics. No one can think very clearly with the excitement, so why fight it? We've been catching up on our reading and doing bigger projects.

One of those bigger projects we worked on today... our paper mache birds. I'll write more about these when they're all done, but they are terribly parent-intensive. Thus, pretty much the sum total of my day's accomplishments are having helped eight children add wings and tails to their birds. After the first phase of this particular craft I realized that working one-on-one with each child was just going to be a more productive and saner way to go about it. It's also time consuming.

I finished up just in time to get in the car to go pick P. up from the stable. Well, first byway of the gas station because I was down to my last gallon. Literally. Then from the stable it was back home to drop off P. and pick-up the children who were going to pageant rehearsal at church. From there it was back home again, in time to teach two piano lessons. It's a good thing that dinner is the shove-it-in-the-oven sort of non-cooking, otherwise I'm pretty sure we would be ordering something.

So no real blog post today, though I had one all planned out. I also need to spend the evening working on an article for my paying job since no window of time opened in the afternoon as I had planned. And I'll throw a load of laundry in so people have clothes to wear tomorrow.

Here it is, people, the glamorous life of a mom. And it is also the answer to the perpetual question of, "I don't know how you do it?" I don't. Clearly I don't do whatever "it" is. I make birds and drive around town.

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Carla said...

"I make birds and drive around town." This made me laugh out loud!

I can relate in only a different context/cause. I'm a week away from having our 3rd child and I told my husband yesterday, "I've stopped making a list of what I'd like to accomplish during the day. It makes me feel like much less of a failure at the end of the day."

Your opening reminded me of an elementary school teacher's quote that went something like this: Teaching in December = scrape the kids off the ceiling. Repeat as necessary.

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