How to make hot cocoa

The weather has changed and it's cold. The sorting of snow gear has resulted in children standing and staring out the window incessantly wondering when it will snow and incessantly asking when we can have hot cocoa. I can't control the weather, but I can mix up a batch of hot cocoa mix. It's simple; here's how to do it.

Step 1: Pay the bills. Because having bills hanging over your head is not fun and makes for a grumpy mommy.
Step 2: While you are paying the bills, bribe your children with hot cocoa if they will clean their rooms while you are paying the bills. This mostly works
Step 3: While you are paying the bills, realize that the thing you hate most is slowly stirring out the lumps in the mix. Decide to use the coupon Amazon sent you to try the new two hour delivery and purchase a flour sifter to make the cocoa with.
Step 4: Eat lunch as a celebration for having finished the bills and for the fact that the delivery worked and you now own a flour sifter.

Step 5: Look at your kitchen and realize that there is no way you can function in such a disaster. (Remember it had been a bad week last week.) So decide it needs to be cleaned first.

Step 6: Admire you newly cleaned kitchen. Ahhhh...

Step 7: Start to make the cocoa mix and realize you have no powdered sugar. Go to the store to get some.
Step 8: Fill the van up with gas. This is necessary because otherwise you won't make it to the store to get powered sugar.
Step 9: Let children start making hot cocoa.

Step 10: Realize how much dried milk and cocoa powder it takes to triple the recipe and change the amount of those items on the bulk order you are working on.
Step 11: Look at the time and realize you must start dinner now, or it will not be ready. Put lentils in a pot and turn on the heat.

Step 12: Boil water and fill everyone's mugs.

Step 13: Enjoy the fact that you have enough cocoa mix for at least a couple of day.


Donna said…
Hey, no fair -- post the recipe!
Aren't clean counters just the best? They restore my soul.
Hope you get some snow soon. We had our first yesterday, about an inch or so. Now I am done for the year. :D
thecurryseven said…
For you Donna...


(But where are you going to find dried milk and cocoa powder and powdered sugar?!)
Anonymous said…
My daughter told me they just stir (semi-sweet) chocolate chips into hot milk/cream at the coffee shop where she worked. It's tedious in its way, but not many ingredients and delicious!
Rebecca G said…
This made me laugh in recognition. The all-day hot chocolate method... :) - Rebecca G
Carla said…
This reminded me a bit of "If you give a mouse a cookie". Love the progression and all the steps required for hot cocoa. I have to admit, I wouldn't have thought to do a few of them.

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