Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dogs in clothes and cats in boxes

Today I have pies (pumpkin and pecan) on the docket as well as trying to get the cranberry-orange relish made and working on a tablecloth. Children will be doing their house cleaning jobs to get the place looking decent enough to have a holiday. You get animals.

A week ago, we received some hand-me-downs and in the bags was a denim jacket which fit P. She snatched it up and proceeded to cut the arms off to make a vest for herself... which she then decided to put it on Kenzie. He wasn't so sure it was his style.

Then yesterday, a box from ThredUp, my newly discovered online thrift store arrived with some pants that work really well for H. (who can be hard to fit, so a huge win). The box they came in was on the floor and I was about to push it out of the way with my foot when I looked a little closer. Do you see two fuzzy ears?

Yes, Nefertiti loves a good cardboard box.

On to pies...

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