Costumes 2016

L. - dragon/dinosaur, depending on the moment and G. - giraffe

Y. - princess, you can't see, but she is also wearing a real tiara

K. - Civil war officer

H. - baseball player

R. - another princess

P. decided to put her hair up (though I'm noticing this picture is odd and the dead plant behind her looks like part of her hair and TM, who does not dress up

The P. family and us

Never has a Halloween been so documented; our friendly film maker friend tagged along for a while.. It also is a year when I did not open my sewing machine. I made many of the costumes, but years ago. 

P. and D., who did not dress up, but walked along with the crew from house to house.

Gomez also came up from the basement and shared in the festivities.


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