Just a normal sort of day

Not much going on around here...

J. took some little people to a nearby street fair this morning while I taught. L. got to try doing silks at the circus arts tent.

M. has been making life size children puppets, a boy and a  girl, for a show. These puppets are now done (I think) and we keep finding them sitting around. It is more than a little disturbing to walk into a room and find a child you weren't expecting to see and at the same realize that it's not really a child. It takes a moment for all the information to meet in your brain and I think nearly all of us have been startled by them.

And to top it off, P. and I drove a ways west to bring home our newest family member. Meet Nefertiti... whom we found through a Doberman rescue.

Cutest Doberman you've even seen, huh?

She reportedly adores people and loves to sit on laps.

If that's the case, then she will become my own personal therapy cat.

That last picture is deceiving. This girl is weighing in at a hefty 14 pounds and is pretty solid around the middle. I'm thinking a little reducing will be in order, though roaming a three-story house won't hurt, either.


Allie said…
Nefertiti is adorable! What a wonderful new addition to the family :)
My kind of doberman!

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