A little cold comfort

I think I am working my way back to joining the land of the living. Of course, you know that peppy, upbeat blog post about finally getting life back under control? Well, yeah, not so much. It's amazing how quickly order is lost when mom is down and how long it takes to get order back under control. Let's not even mention the word laundry.

I did want to share one highlight from being sick... discovering the goodness of my new hot lemon drink. Last summer, we were given a windfall of dozens of fresh lemons. Not even with the number of people in the house and the amount of cooking we do, could we use them up before the spoiled. Since I was deep in the midst of my avoidance food preservation time, I decided to try dehydrating some of them. Here is what they ended up looking like.

TM likes to just eat them as is, and I've used some to cook with chicken, but by far the best use of these things is to make hot lemon tea.

I throw three slices of dehydrated lemon in a mug and pour boiling water over them. It tastes very lemony and feel so good on a sore throat. The added bonus is that even after you've drunk the tea, if you leave you mug sitting near you, the lemon scent pours out of it and makes you happy. Well, as happy as you can be with a head cold.

While I have a lot of dehydrates lemons left,

I love my new discovery so much, I'm not sure there will be any left when the next cold inevitably comes rolling around.
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Oh, I imagine that smells wonderful! I like a little lemon essential oil in my fake iced tea (those little packet things that make drinking water more palatable). Hot lemon wafting out of a warm mug sounds divine!

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