New specs

I mentioned a while back that H.'s eyeglasses prescription changed, requiring new lenses. Well, last year when it changed and we went to the eyeglass store, we were told her glasses were getting a little small, but we could probably eek out another year. I was all for eeking out... glasses are expensive! Well, this year, even I knew that the glasses were just too darn small and that we would be getting new frames as well as new lenses. To remind you, here is the quick picture I took when I made the welcome books for R. and Y. (I know for a fact that at least one of those books has arrived!) She has had these for about four years now and has really outgrown them.

H. was very excited about getting to pick new glasses. She love clothes and jewelry and accessories, so picking new glasses was right up her alley. I had no idea how it would go. The first time we did this, it was a bit of a mystery to her... Why were we doing this? Were the glasses she was trying on her glasses? When would she get her glasses? What did she like? Did she even know what she liked? I ended up heavily steering her to the pair she ended up with. (It's an art form, I tell you, guiding a child to a certain choice and having them think they choose.)

This time was very different. She was all over it. She tried on frames. Was quickly able to say if she liked them or not. Made of pile of the ones to try again. Narrowed her choices and chose a very sophisticated pair of glasses that I would never have dreamed she would pick. I had little to no input in this process except say if  I like a pair or not. And like all 13 year olds everywhere, my opinion was completely irrelevant. I think she did a great job and ended up with a pair that really do look great on her. She is extremely happy with them. Here's my admittedly bad photo of the new glasses. You might not be able to tell, but they are red with the ear pieces being gold and having a little open woven look to them.

In other news, we heard yesterday that our Article 5 was picked-up and forwarded to the China side of things. What this translated means is that the next piece of news we hear will be a travel approval! We're almost done. Of course, this causes me to start reading all the travel related information from our agency and I start to hyperventilate at the dollar signs. I have to keep reminding myself that the vast majority of the expenses are taken care of. We're not completely in the clear, though, so I feel the need to keep sharing this post: Boy, this makes me uncomfortable


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