And let the manic panicking begin!!!

And that manic panicking would be because we just received our....


Yes, it's true, we have just crossed the last paperwork hurdle and we're going to China! It's a good thing I was already planning on heading downtown to get those visas, huh? Oh, there is so much else to do. Packing... planning... airline tickets... childcare... pet care... Christmas (!)

Must. Not. Hyperventilate.

In the meantime, real life continues to happen. Such as, I need to go to the grocery store because, believe it or not, even in the midst of all this excitement the children in my home still think we should have regular meals. Unbelievable, I know.

So, I will come down off my cloud and re-enter the world of cooking and laundry and small children who are currently all pretending to be baby polar bears.

I will not pause today, though, and panic over money. That can wait for tomorrow. You can help that anticipated panic by going to my post about donations (click the link below). Thanks, and I apologize for the continued self-promotion, but TA also means those anticipated fees are going to come due. We'll take on more debt if we need to to bring our daughters home, but boy, it would be nice not to have to.

Boy, This Makes Me Uncomfortable


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