And jumping happened

I promise that this will be my last post about the trampoline. We spent the morning cleaning to get ready to put up Christmas decorations and then this afternoon, our borrowed 15 year old came back to help us put the trampoline back together. It was far easier to put together than it was to take apart. There were only a couple of difficulties. The first was when we realized that we had put some of the legs on backwards. (Those would be the same legs that we used a rubber mallet to pound into place.) Then there was the tree branch that was a little too low and required TM to climb up a ladder to saw it off. Finally, when we were attaching the last upright pole which holds the safety netting, we discovered that one bolt and nut had gone missing. This required a quick trip to the hardware store to get something that would work in its place. I was able to replace it, but now it is no longer the free trampoline, but the $5.14 trampoline. We can live with that.

The best part was when it was finished and it wasn't dark yet so everyone could jump for a while. Here are some pictures.

Of course, now I really do feel as though I should have parents sign a liability release before letting their children play in our yard. You see, not only do we have a trampoline now, but was also have a non-OSHA approved tree house, which was not completely made from salvaged parts,...

but we also have a zip line. You can't really see the actual line, but you can see the ladder leaning against the tree that the children use to get on it.

It's all just like one giant emergency room trip waiting to happen, isn't it?
Just to keep everyone up to date on our adoption news... We have official travel dates and airplane tickets and everything. We leave Jan. 3, meet Y. on Jan. 7, meet R. on Jan. 11, consulate appointment on Jan. 20, and come home on Jan. 22. Everything seems to be working out, but boy, those in-country flights to Y.'s province were quite a bit more than I was expecting. Ouch. If you haven't seen our donation information to help bring Y., home, take a look here:  Boy, This Makes Me Uncomfortable


Your back yard looks like tons of fun! My kids would love a tree house and a zip line. As it is, I think we only filled the plastic kiddie pool ONCE this summer.

My favorite thing about the trampoline is that the teens will go out and lay on it in the dark and chat. (My second favorite is that it gets the kids nice and tired, lol.)

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