How about some good news?

And it's really, really good news.

So, you remember Peter, right? Well, I am beyond excited to tell you he has a family working to bring him home! Even better, I know the family and think it is a fantastic match. I love God. But, as you should also know, adoption is expensive. Here is a great chance to help this family bring Peter home in a timely manner. Even a small amount will help.

If I have done it right, if you click on the image, it should take you to his You Caring site. But because I don't trust my computer abilities, use this link if it doesn't work.

That is one less child to find a permanent family, which is terrific. Really, really terrific. Yet there are so many more children waiting and waiting for someone to see their humanity through their list of diagnoses. Please don't forget little Gracie.

Isn't she a sweetheart? This little peanut is already 10 years old. She has cerebral palsy which affects her legs. You do all know that cerebral palsy is a static disease, right? That means what you see is what you get; it doesn't get worse. It also means that it can only get better with appropriate therapy and love. The kind of love only a family can give. She even has a $1500 grant that will go towards her adoption. Please, let's avoid the panic-filled, she's going to age out and she needs a family now push when she is 13. Let's help her find her family now.

Let's not stop at advocating for one child. The Baobei Foundation, that wonderful foundation which has been caring so beautifully for R. and who raised the money to make her adoption possible, has asked me to advocate for Timmy.

Timmy is 12 years old and has overcome some huge obstacles. Earlier this year, a tumor was discovered that was compromising his ability to walk and function. He was shunted and the tumor removed. Since then, he has regained his abilities, including being able to read and write, and subsequent tests have shown that the tumor was benign and no further growth has been found. There are so many people who know and care about this sweet boy, you should just go and read about him from them. First there is his Twenty Less description and from there you can go to China Special Treasures for more about him.

But wait, there's more. Currently Timmy has a combined $7000 grant towards his adoption. This could significantly help a family to bring him home. Please take a look at everything written about him and share... or maybe this little boy is your son. The clock is ticking, he has less than two years to find a family.


And, if you want to read about why we all need family, here's my latest article:  We Never Outgrow the Need for Family Please feel free to share (and share and share...).


How wonderful! I will be so excited when the boy I am advocating for gets a family. :)
Anonymous said…
Done! Puts tears in my eyes knowing he has waited so long and also that he will see his family soon. Praise God! And thank you for directing us readers to where we can help.
Evie said…
Praise the Lord!
Evie said…
Praise the Lord!

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