Monday, October 05, 2015

Just sayin'

You know, I can see the stats of how many people have looked at a particular post. It is always interesting the things that garner a lot of attention. Sometimes I can predict what will be popular and other times I am completely baffled. One thing I have learned though, is what is not popular. I can guarantee that whenever I write a post advocating for a child or children who need a family, the number plummet.

I know cats and dogs are cute. We like cats and dogs around here. I'm sure once I have something that takes pictures again, you will get to see more pictures of our three furry friends.

But the posts that get ignored are about children. Real, live, living, breathing children who do not have a family to call their own. Children who will spend the rest of their lives in some sort of institution if they do not find their family. I know it is hard. I know it is painful. I know what it costs to give a child such as these a family. I know.

I am begging you to do the hard thing. Look at the posts. Really look. Think about your favorite nine year old or thirteen year old and imagine that precious child in the same situation. I know it is hard to allow your heart to be broken. I'm sure the children wish they had a choice.

Here's a second chance. Because I can't un-know what I know


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

That's unfortunate. I'm about to go on an advocacy trip, and I'll be posting pictures of kids who need families. ...Maybe I should add a kitten to each post? :/

Tung Nguyen said...

I like this blog

nha xinh
biet thu dep

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