In search of red pandas

This morning the Lincoln Park Zoo had a special member's event that allowed them to see the new red panda cubs. This is the first time they have been on display since they were born. Now, I love pandas. I didn't think I was as big a fan of red pandas until we saw them in China. Red pandas are really, really cute in person. So, who would pass up the chance to see babies? Not me.

We left in plenty of time this morning (for once) and it was a good thing. We got there a little early, but they started to let people in so we were one of the first. The little cubs had just come out into the outdoor exhibit following their mother. We were able to watch them for five or ten minutes before they both headed back to the inside exhibit, not to come out again. Boy are they cute! Their fuzzy heads are a little too big for their bodies and short stubby legs. Cute, cute, cute. D. brought his camera, one of the few working ones in the house), and took some pictures.

After the cute, fuzzy, little red panda cubs decided to go take a nap, we then walked through the lion house and the monkey house before heading home. We spent a long time watching the adolescent gibbons (who are technically apes and not monkeys) playing. Watching them made me think of some boys I know and I was suddenly overcome with the desire to make a swinging ropes course on our third floor. How cool would that be? Minus the ER visits, of course.

We made it home with enough time to even squeeze in our history reading.

Life is good.


sandwichinwi said…
Awww! Martand just did a report on red pandas for China. I can't wait to show him these pics! Thanks for sharing! I wish we could just pop down to your zoo.


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