Monday, October 19, 2015

How'd it get to be 5 pm?!

I don't know, either. Consequently, the blog post, with real content is just not happening today. Instead of a blog post, I have the laundry completely caught up,shopped at four different grocery stores, made the week's menus, made an unexpected trip to J.'s place of employment because I forgot to send some important papers with him, have all of our I800 paperwork turned in for our new girls, and did our full school schedule this morning.

Either I'm feeling such relief at having this adoption progressing that I can finally focus on things, or because our adoption is progressing, I am having some severe nesting instincts kicking in. Or both things at once. Yesterday, along with church and taking P. to a horse show (she placed, 1st, 4th, and 5th in her classes; her first over fences), I made a huge dent in the laundry, cleaned off my sewing table, ironed some fabric so I can cut out some patterns, did the mending that had piled up, caught up with my language learning Leitner boxes, vacuumed, and tried to teach H. how to use her rainbow loom. H. could completely do the rainbow loom if I could make heads or tails out of the instructions. I have never seen such poorly done craft instructions in my life! Now I need to carve out some time to look up real instructions on You Tube, so I can really teach her.

While this level of productiveness makes life function pretty darn well around here, it really does nothing for blogging interest. Maybe 'write interesting blog post' will appear on tomorrow's to-do list.

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