Because I can't stop thinking about him

Life is returning back to normal after a dreadful start to the weekend. P. is doing well. She would be doing even better if math never existed, but there's not much one can do about that is there?

But here is who I've really been thinking about pretty endlessly... Peter.

You can read about him at his listing at Twenty Less. He turns 14 in April. That gives him just over 25 weeks for a family to commit to him, get all the paperwork done, travel to China, and sign the papers. It is not overstating things to say he is running out of time. A woman who knows him and recently talked with him says that he told her that we wants to become a composer and write music that makes people happy. His best friend, who is now in the US with his family and who is also blind, just ran a full marathon. There is no reason that not having sight will stop this child. It shouldn't stop a family from committing to him, either. As far as anyone can tell, not one single family has asked to see his file. Would you allow a child you know to be on his own at 14, with not a soul to call his own?

Plus there is still little Gracie.

Someone should scoop her up right now and not have her languish for years until, she too, runs the chance of aging out. Wouldn't it be better for her to start enjoying the love and support of a family right now?

Now, how about some good news? Do you remember Sharon (or Grace as she is known on other advocacy sites), whom we had met when we were adopting H. and for whom I have advocated so long?

Well, I am thrilled to announce she has a family! And not only is it just any family, it's a family I actually know. One of those meet via the internet and then meet in real life. Her new mom and I got a chance to connect in China when she was there adopting as well. Pretty cool, huh? If you would like to help them bring her home, you could go to their Reese's Rainbow page and give a little money.

Because it really does take a few bucketfuls of money to do this. That is one of the reasons I was excited to be able to write an article about my real-life friend, Lisa Ellsbury's daughters. Lisa was another person whom we got to meet in China. I've also been able to meet almost all of her children who have joined their family since then as well. I think they're pretty neat. Three of her daughters, Jasmine, Elyse, and Grace have banded together to help raise money for children's surgeries and for adoption expenses. You can read more about Jasmine's Dream (follow the link) and maybe even help them help other children.


Evie said…
Sweet Peter has been on my heart since you first told us about him. I have been praying for a family for him!
Evie said…
Sweet Peter has been on my heart since you first told us about him. I have been praying for a family for him!

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